Fuck the trouble with a Romanian brunette in the country

Fuck the trouble with a Romanian brunette in the country

I moved to Crossmend when my wife started menopause. It'd struck Ellie so bad that she couldn't stand to be around me and the only way to save our marriage was for me to move out. I took it was an opportunity to move out to the countryside into a farm house my uncle had given my in his passing. When I arrived I was greet by an enormous black man, with skin the color of coal, a black head, clean shaven face, and a bright white smile. He stood about 6'3 and could easily be 220lbs. "I'm Morgan Shire, from the letters," he said shaking my hand. His grip sent a shock wave up my arm. "I'm Buddy. Wow, Morgan, this place looks just like I remembered it." Morgan and I took the bags out my car and started towards the house. "Yeah, before your uncle passed, God rest his soul, he gave my family the land. We live just over the way. It use to be divided by a fence, but after we got to know each other over the years the fence came down. You're uncle really was a good man. But, yes, the house is all yours to do whatever. My wife and daughters have been good about keeping it up and my son and I just patched the roof last summer. We have a few horses you can ride and no need to worry about the rest of the animals. Well, this is it." Morgan opened the door to the house. It was bright and clean with not a speck of dust. The furniture looked old, but in good shape. The house was filled with the smell of some delicious food. Morgan helped me take my bags upstairs to the master bedroom. I sat on the bed and took everything in. Moran leaned against a dresser, giving me a moment. This is the first time in 35 years I'd be living alone. No one to go to bed with, have breakfast with, or share sweet little moments.... YES! At first, I'd admit I was sadden about having to leave my wife and our life in peaceful suburbia, but this was a chance I'm happy to have. "Come on, Buddy. Downstairs, I hope you don't mind, my family is waiting to meet you and my wife cooked you up sweet potato, fried chicken, cherry pie, mac and cheese, and made her lemonade to wash it all down," Morgan was licking his lips jus thinking of it. It was a funny site to see. As we made our way to the kitchen I could hear the sounds of laughter flowing into the hallways. "Oh, I think I hear them coming!" The chairs began to shuffle. "Sondra, fix your dress, chile!" I entered the kitchen fix to find five smiling faces staring at me. I was never fond of being up into the spotlight. "This here is my wife, Lucille. Lucille. Buddy." Lucille was a true vision. Curvacious hips and a set of breasts that strained to be keep within her top. Her skin was the color of fine oak, her hair flowed in messy curls around her heart shaped face, and her full lips gave me slightly wicked thoughts. "Oh, Buddy, it's so nice to meet you. I hope you like the way we've kept the house." "It's just fine, Ms. Lucille," I said trying my best not to sound like a spoiled city boy. "This here is my son, Morgan Jr." "But, everyone calls me, Memo." Morgan Jr. was seventeen years old and looked like his father's clone. His mannerisms mimicked his father's right down to the handshake. "This is Sophia and Julia." The twin girls, age, ten, gave me smiles. They had on matching overalls, Sophia with a pink bow and Julia with a yellow one. "Last, but surely, not least, is Sondra." I could tell by the way Morgan spoke Sondra was his pride and joy. "But, everyone calls me Sunny," and I could quickly see why. The girl had the brightest smile in the bunch, while being the shortest in a family of giants. Her skin was smooth and looked like milk chocolate. She had cat eyes, that I felt was taking all of me in. "Well, now, that's over. Let's eat!" Morgan pulled up a chair and waited for everyone to sit so he could start on grace. ______________________________________________________________________________ Two years went by with me living out in Crossmend and my wife, Ellie, was still going through menopause. I had to admit that I hadn't really missed being home; the country suited me just fine. Walking up early to the sounds of the rooster crowing and having morning rides. And the Shire family had become like my own. I was there for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. The family came through my home as they pleased and in some cases I stayed overnight at theirs, waking up to Lucille's buttermilk biscuits. It was one summer morning that would change everything. It was a few weeks after my 61st birthday and I was taking out Jona, a flaxen chestnut mare, out for a ride. As I was riding, I saw Bear, a buckskin stallion that Morgan owned, being rode bareback by a woman with short, wild curly hair. I rode quickly to catch up to her and stop her from stealing the award winning stallion. "Hey! Stop!" I shouted, pushing Jona to go faster. "Stop!" The woman slowed down. I was prepared to tear her a new one, but then she turned Bear around to face me. "Well, good morning to you to, Buddy." It was Sunny! "Jesus, girl! When did you get back?" I got off Jona and tied her to a tree. Sunny had left shortly after my arrival two years ago to attend an art school in Chicago. She'd cut her hair and grew into a shape that mimicked her mother's. Wide hips that carried a thick ass, breasts that looked like succulent melons, and the juicy pouty lips. I tried to take her all in. She dismounted Bear, tied him up, and ran into my arms. "I got back last night. Oh, I missed Crossmend so much. I heard you've been taking care of Jona and Bear for me." I honestly wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying as I melted aga
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inst the warmth of her body. I felt my cock began to come alive and slowly begin to strain against my briefs. "So, how about we ride back, grab some breakfast, and you tell me all bout Chicago?" I had to let her go before she felt my full erection. We got back on the horses and rode back to the Shire house. I watched the way she moved and my heart raced. Her smile was just as bright as it was two years ago. She most definitely wasn't the same girl though. "Guess who I found on the trail?" Sunny shouted as we walked through the house. Lucille came out the kitchen bearing a large pregnant belly, the doctor said the Shires were getting another set of twins. "Oh, Buddy. Good morning, I just put on some biscuits." I followed them into the kitchen. The twins, Sophia and Julia, were away at summer camp and Morgan was at a farmer's convention in Georgia. Memo sat at the table reading a newspaper. He had grown to a final height of 6'6, though he was a lot leaner than Morgan. "Good morning, Buddy. Thanks for bring our brat home," Memo chuckled. Sunny ran over to punch him in the arm giving me a nice view of her thick hindquarters. I tried hard not to stare, but it was as if her ass had magnets made for my eyes. "Buddy, do you mind taking this and putting it on the table for me." Lucille handed me a pitcher of orange juice. Even though I was at least 20 years older than her, Lucille had a way of making me feel like one of her own children. I sat the pitcher down and grabbed a chair at the table. "So, Sunny, tell me about Chicago." Sunny sat down across from me. Her breasts wobbled slightly as she plopped down into the chair. My mouth watered thinking about grabbing them and stuffing them into my mouth. "Well, for the most part it was great. I mean it got lonely at times, especially this year with me turning sixteen and all, but I really loved it. The scenery was great for taking pictures." My cock twitched a little. She was sixteen, so young and sexy. She continued to ramble on and I had to admit she just wasn't a sexy young thing, but smart as well. It was nice to see a woman hold her own in conversation. We talked about photography, the horses, and what she'd do now that she was back in town. Memo had left us to tend to the fields and Lucille went upstairs to take a nap. Sunny and I went into the den to talk some more as she showed me some pictures. Most were of the Chicago scenery. She sat close next to me and I could smell the scent of her Chanel No. 5. I desperately wanted to hold her close to me, but had to fight the urge. I saw a picture of Sunny and an older white guy around my age. He was built, holding her waist and kissing her cheek. I wished I could be in his place. "I bet you left a lot of broken hearts in Chicago," I breathed. My body was tingling from being so close to her. She laughed. "Just the ones of the older white men that would come into the coffee house where I worked." After looking at all the pictures, Sunny went over into one corner of the couch and sat her legs up. Instinctively I grabbed them and placed them in my lap. I began to massage her calves and feet. She relaxed in my hands and began to give me low moans in response. "Oh my, Buddy, that feels amazing," she moaned. It was the hottest thing I'd ever heard. Her foot brushed against me growing erection which sent me into over drive. I wanted desperately to get into her pants to massage her ass. "Sunny! Could you bring me a piece of that pecan pie?" Sunny swung her legs off my lap. "Duty calls," she giggled. "Yeah, it's about time I go home. I got some papers to take care of," I said. I embraced her, trying to mark the feeling of her curves into me brain. I went home and laid on my couch to watch some tv. I drifted off to sleep. "Buddy. Buddy, wake up." I opened my eyes and Sunny was kneeling in front of my face. She smiled and kissed my lips. Her tongue traced mine. God, she tasted wonderful. "Sunny, what are you doing?" I asked breaking our kiss. "Buddy, don't tell me you can't feel the chemistry between us? Since I saw you this morning I knew I had to have you. Did I tell you that while in Chicago I grew a strong love for older white men?" She stood up and took off her top. Her breasts poured out onto her stomach. She lowered them to my face. I greedily grabbed them and suck them up. "Oh yes, Buddy. I knew you wanted my hot black skin." She reached down and stroked my cock through my pants. I took one of my hands and slide it up the dress she was wearing. She wore no panties and I could feel her warm, wet mound begging for me to touch it. I rubbed my finger slowly between her slit, feeling her juices leak down it. She ground her hips against my finger till it slide into her hole. "Oh, Buddy. Oh, Buddy. Please fuck me. I wanna feel you inside me!" I got up from the couch, taking the finger I used to finger fuck her with and putting it in my mouth. She was so sweet and tender. I laid her down on the couch with her ass hanging over the edge and her legs on my shoulders. I slowly parted her puffy pussy lips and guided my tongue to her clit. Her legs shook slightly, a good sign. I then slide one finger inside her. "More," she groaned. I slide another finger inside her and then another. I had three fingers in her and she was going crazy. Her juices where flowing like mad all over my hand. She let out a loud and long scream. "AHH, BUDDY! I'M COMING! HOLY FUCK, I'M COMING!" I woke up sweating. Damn, that was an intense dream. I felt a wet feeling in my crotch area. I looked down. I had a cum stain on my thigh. To Be Continued......

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