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Criminal Blonde Gets Thick Cock In Her Ass Xxx

Chapter three. I heard his car pull up into the driveway and I was out the front door before he had even turned the engine off.As he stood up he looked really tired and I hugged him to me. It felt so good to have him home safe. I held him for as long as he could take it only letting go when he placed his hands on my shoulders.“Are you okay, William?""I'm fine, mum. It's just been a long and weird day.""You can say that again."He walked to the back of the car and they both started grabbing bags of clothes and their basic belongings. They took everything inside and despite the disastrous situation we found ourselves in I still couldn't help but notice how handsome Shane was. He was very fit and muscular and when he looked at me it was like being looked at by some wild animal that had just spotted a very tasty piece of game. It made me all fluttery inside and once again I was soaked, just thinking about having this stud in my house made my belly quiver with excitement. If nothing else, I knew I wouldn't be lacking in fantasy material for a while.I showed Shane where he would be staying and where the shower and everything else was. William had put his things in his room and headed straight for the shower. While Shane was waiting I showed him around the kitchen then made us both a cup of coffee."I am so sorry about your Mum, Shane. Is she very sick?""Thanks, Mrs S. Apparantly, the doctors think she is fighting it pretty well and stands a good chance. It's mostly the elderly that are dying from this.""It's so scary.""It is but I'm really lucky that you said I could stay here. Otherwise, I would be trying to get back to campus.""We won't have you staying there on your own. You are welcome here, although I may put you two to work to earn your stay.""I'm happy to help in any way I can, Mrs S."There was a mischievous glint in his eye as he said this that sent a tingle right through me."I bet you are... Oh, and stop calling me Mrs S. My name is Heather."Was I really flirting with this young, handsome, stud that my son had brought home?"Mmm like Heather Locklear but much prettier."Oh god, he was good. My clit was already tingling and I could feel my panties getting damper by the minute."There's no need to exaggerate, but thanks I'll take that any day of the week."His eyes did a slow scan of my body and his mouthed curled into a lazy smile that had me wishing I was wearing something less Mum like. Like, oh I don't know, absolutely nothing. My nipples were pushing hard against the material of my bra and I knew without looking that they would be visible to him. My pussy was creaming big time and I knew I would have to go do something about it very soon or my jeans would soak right through.My imagination already had me riding this young man's face and coming all over it when my son walked in."Shower's free."Shane continued to smile at me as he stood up. He crossed over to me and took me in his arms. I could feel his hard body pressed against me and I almost came on the spot."Thank you so much for having me here, Heather."Oh god, I will have you here or there or bent over that chair. I had to shut up the kinky Dr Zeuss in my head before I said something out loud. I swallowed hard to get my trembling voice under control."You're welcome, Shane. I just hope it isn't too boring being locked up with us.""I'm sure we will manage to find ways of entertaining ourselves."He let go of me long before I wanted him too then walked out of the room to get his things for the shower."You okay there, Mum?"William had a cheeky smile on his face as though he could read my thoughts. God that would be awful, I hope I'm not that obvious."I'm fine, it's just been a very strange day.""It sure has. Things are going to be very different here for a while."There was something in the way he said that that made me do a double-take."What do you mean by that?""Well, you know, we'll all be stuck here and Dad won't be home and I guess the rules change a bit under circumstances like this. But anyway, we have plenty of time to talk about how we can make this work. I am very tired now though so I am going to hit the hay. Good night, Mum."I was left feeling a little uneasy about the way William said those things. What on earth could he mean? I rinsed out the cups and headed up to bed myself. Every step I took, though, made my slippery folds slide against each other and I was instantly in another fantasy where Shane was eating my wet pussy as I held his head and fucked his face. There was nothing gentle or caring about it. I fucked my sopping pussy back and forth against his face and all he could do was smile up at me. His eyes were telling me he wanted more so I gave him more. He had my cum dripping from him and it was so real in my mind that I was startled as I heard his voice behind me as I was about to go through the door to my bedroom."Have a good night, Heather."I spun around and there was this specimen in front of me that looked as though he had just stepped out of one of those firefighter calendars. All he had on was a pair of underwear. He seemed to be made of rippling muscles, his skin was still damp and his small nipples were hard. I wanted to run my tongue over every inch of him. I looked down and was impressed by the size of his cock pressed against his underwear. He appeared to be quite well endowed and my pussy began to clench like it was trying to reach out to him. I don't know how long I stood there looking but I know it was a lot longer than was appropriate yet he didn't flinch or turn to walk away. He wanted me to see and I wanted to look.A part of me was yelling at me to go into my room and leave him alone and another part of me was saying strip naked and take him right here in the hallway. In the end, it wasn't me that made a decision one way or another. Shane looked down at my crotch and smiled. He raised one eyebrow at me then turned and walked to his room. Mmm, that ass was so damn hard.I turned back around on wobbly legs and walked into my room. I stripped off in preparation for my own shower and as I did I noticed that my jeans were wet through almost halfway down my thighs. I had never produced this much cum from no contact before. What the hell was wrong with me? I peeled my soaked panties off and I stared at myself in the mirror. My chest was all red and heaving like I had just run around the block. My nipples were as hard as rocks and as I ran my fingertips around my areola they proved to be incredibly sensitive. My fingers trailed down my belly and found my sopping wet pussy. My pubes were all wet and my lips were so swollen and open that I could clearly see my clit standing at attention, just begging for some touch.My hands trailed over my folds and I moaned in both delight and anticipation. I was so sensitive just the barest touch was almost too much. I didn't want to touch my clit just yet because I knew it would be over-sensitive and the fact was I needed my pussy stuffed and right now. I moved my feet further apart and watched in the mirror as more cum oozed out of me. I caught it with my two middle fingers of my right hand, then, almost half squatting like I was impaling myself on Shane's thick, long, cock I slowly pushed those two fingers up inside me. Oh god, it felt so good stretching the walls of my pussy out. My hand had cum dripping from it and making wet sounds as it splashed onto the tile floor.I began pumping my fingers in and out as well as moving my body up and down as though riding that fat cock. I was torn between closing my eyes and letting the fantasy overtake me and with watching my body do the thing it loved the most. The further in I pushed my fingers, the more my palm began to come into contact with my clit and it was driving me crazy. I went faster and faster, deeper and deeper, making crude wet slapping sounds against my ravaged pussy. At some point as my orgasm began to grow, I began moaning. I couldn't control it if I tried and when my pussy spasmed around my fingers I let out a high keening sound as my teeth clenched together. I came so hard that I was seeing spots swimming before my eyes but what impressed me, even more, was the fact that this was possibly the wettest orgasm I had ever had. My hand was soaked, my legs were wet all the way down to my feet and there were splashes on the floor and the mirror.I was gasping for breath like a fish out of water and my legs were struggling to support me. I carefully moved over to the bath mat so I didn't slip over then laid my towel onto the floor to soak up some of the mess I had made. I couldn't believe how much of it there was. I turned the shower on and stepped in under the hot
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spray. It felt so good to ease the tension from my body. I stayed under the water for ages making myself nice and clean and decided to have a trim with the razor while I was in there. I took a little more off than I usually do but I was feeling adventurous so why not.I dried myself off and slipped into my nightie, then went about cleaning up the bathroom. When I had finished, I gathered up all the clothes and towels and walked down past William's room to the laundry, put it all on to wash overnight then walked back to my room. As I was passing his room, I heard a ping as a text message came through.I entered my room and there on the side of my bed was my phone and the little green light was flashing to say I had a message.Hmm, maybe it was my phone I heard, must be David saying good night. I thought to myself as I pulled back the sheets. I sat down and then picked up my phone. It wasn't David though. There were two messages there and both were from William.I opened the first one."God, that sounded so good. I am hard as a rock right now."What the actual fuck? Was I reading that right? Was he actually commenting on me masturbating? I read through it three or four times and there was no denying what it meant. Was he really hard while listening to me masturbate? God, that was so wrong, but why was I beginning to get wet again? Why was I picturing him in his bed listening to me moan through the wall with his hard cock in his hand? Why did I want to see that so much? Not for the first time today I asked again. What the hell is wrong with me?I opened the second message and nearly died of shock."Not anymore though, goodnight. Love, Bill."There was a photo of what could only be his cock being squeezed tight in his fist and what appeared to be a lot of cum oozing out the top and all over the back of his hand.I had no words. What had gotten into him? Strangely though, the thing that caught my attention was the name, Bill. I had never called him Bill. Sure his friends called him Bill or Billy when he was younger but I had never called him that. The thought that the messages were perhaps meant for someone else crossed my mind briefly but it didn't make sense for them to be for anyone else.I was so confused, not least of which because the sight of that cum-covered cock was really turning me on. I wanted to taste it. Feel it in my mouth, feel that slippery cum being fired into my mouth and down my throat. God help me, I was salivating at the thought. Then my phone pinged again.Oh god, what now?I tentatively opened it. It was another message from William."Did that naughty Bill send you a message? He is such a dirty boy. Anyway, I hope you have sweet dreams mother. William."Was this a game he was playing? Was he in need of psychiatric help? I had no answers for any of these issues and I was far too tired to think straight right now. I put my phone down without responding to any of the messages.I went to sleep fairly quickly despite the way my mind was swirling but it wasn't a restful nights sleep. That night, I fucked Shane repeatedly in my dreams and at one point, William walked in on us. Instead of being shocked or upset though, he just pulled his hard cock out pushed it at my face as I rode Shane's cock. I didn't hesitate at all as I took him into my mouth. I savoured the slightly salty taste of his skin and the smooth skin of his cock head as it slipped further into my mouth. He grabbed hold of my head and began to fuck my face and as I came on Shane, William came in my mouth. Shooting his spunk deep down my throat. Chapter four. I woke up feeling like I hadn't had much sleep at all. I was so confused by my feelings. It was like my body was betraying me. I knew all the things I had dreamed of were so very wrong and the fact that it all turned me on so very much just made me feel worse. I was putting off going out of my bedroom because I knew I would have to face the boys and I knew I would have to talk to William about the messages he had sent. The last thing I wanted was to begin a long period of lock-down in our home together with everyone angry and on edge. The longer I sat there the worse I felt though. I was contemplating just crawling under the sheets and staying there forever when there was a knock at my door."Are you up, Mum?"I pulled the sheet up over my lap and made sure that I was completely covered up."Yes, William."The door opened and in walked my son carrying a cup of coffee."Thought you might want a cuppa, Mum.""Thanks, William. It is William I'm talking to, isn't it?"He blushed a little as he handed over the coffee."Yes it is but if you want, I can get Bill.""William, you need to be serious right now. We need to discuss those messages you sent last night.""Look, here's the honest truth, mum. I had an idea that I thought you might be interested in.""Well, so far, I am far from sold.""I know, just hear me out okay.""Hmmm.""First thing, you need to know is that I know more about your relationship with Dad than you think I do. For instance, I know that there has been a serious lack of bedroom activities.""Not that it's any of your business but how would you know about that?""A couple of reasons. First, your reaction when you see Shane is a dead giveaway. You want some of that young, man action and don't try to deny it. It's as obvious as day and night."I could feel myself blushing. Was it really that obvious?"Don't be embarrassed, Mum, Believe me, he wants that too. The first time he met you, he wouldn't stop banging on about what a hot M.I.L.F. you are. I had to threaten him to shut him up. Having said that, it really got me thinking and looking from an outsiders perspective and he's right, you are smoking hot.""That doesn't mean you can do what you did last night, William, it's just not on.""The other thing I know is going to upset you, Mum. I have known for a while now and I have been trying to come up with a way where I can get him to own up to it. I really didn't want it to come from me but here we are."I could feel my insides do a flip and then they felt like they filled with ice. I think I knew what was coming but I was so deep in denial that I simply couldn't face it."Mum, I'm pretty sure Dad has another woman, possibly even another family.""What? How could that be? Don't say things like that, it's horrible. That's not funny."He wasn't smiling and I knew he didn't think it was funny either."Mum, I could be wrong but just let me explain okay."I just nodded, unable to say anything."A couple of years ago, I was in a shop with Dad and he had to buy something. I noticed, just through pure luck, that the name on his credit card was different. When we got out to the car I asked him why he had someone else's credit card. He told me that it was his work card and it belonged to his predecessor and they hadn't got him a new one yet. Now I thought that was odd because he had been there since I was just little and even then, I knew they replaced credit cards every year or two. Also, have you noticed how little he earns? I mean, really, for the job he does, I would make more working at McDonald's. I don't think he's telling you what he actually earns. And one final thing, there are evenings when it's impossible to talk to him via skype. He just hangs up straight away then calls back via normal phone-call and says something like he has poor internet there but he has been in cities and done that to me. It's like he doesn't want us to see where he actually is. Haven't you noticed that too?"So much of what William had just said made sense. I had had the same thing happen with skype calls but I was either too trusting or gullible to think anything of it. My head was spinning. We had had many discussions before about his wages but David was always adamant that he was getting the industry standard and because of how well my business did, we didn't really need him to have a great wage. If what William was saying was true though then there was going to be some heavy explaining to do."Look, you have given me a lot to think about, William, and I need to investigate a bit and see what I can find out but... You need to understand that what happened last night was not okay.""I'm sorry, Mum, but it really did turn me on a lot to hear you enjoying your body like that."The way he looked at me at that moment sent a shiver right through me and regardless of how I felt about it all I couldn't deny the moisture forming in my pussy right now. I swear my body was no longer in my control. It was like I was possessed by the sluttiest demon in existence. William stood up and again his eyes did a tour of my body before he left my room and left me to my thoughts. 

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