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O Fute Pana O Duce La Orgasm Puternic Si Fortat Xxl

Ellie couldn’t believe she was standing with her nose against the wall and her hands on her head; neither could she believe she was naked from the waist down with a bottom that felt it was on fire after the spanking her step mother had just given her. The most embarrassing thing about the entire situation was that Ellie was a 25 year old assistant manager of a well known high street bank, not some silly little child. The problem was, as her step mother kept pointing out, was that while she lived under her roof she would abide by her rules. And the rules involved spankings as discipline. It is now fifteen years later and Ellie was now 40 years old and carving out a very successful career in banking. She had her own house now; the spanking she got at 25 was the last straw and she moved out within weeks of the spanking. She actually got on well with her stepmother after she had moved out and they had now become very good friends. Her step mother, Louise, married her father when she was very young and she never knew her real mother who walked out on her on her 1st birthday. This shaped Ellie to be the strong character she was and even at the age of 40, she had a body most 20 year-olds would be proud of. Louise was 20 years older than Ellie, but that didn’t stop Louise from exerting her authority over Ellie, even after the death of her Father when Ellie was 14. Louise was the only family Ellie had and even though she hated being disciplined by her, she knew deep down that Louise did love her as her own daughter. So when Louise explained about the financial troubles she was having, Ellie was only too pleased to invite her to stay with her until she got back on her feet. Things started well, but as you can imagine, it didn’t stay that way for long. Ellie had told Louise she would be home for about 8pm as she was going for a few drinks after work to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Ellie didn’t think she needed permission, she just told Louise as a matter of courtesy. Well as you can imagine, 8 o’clock soon became 9 o’clock and before you knew it, it was nearly 10.30 by the time Ellie had walked through her door. Louise was livid with her stepdaughter and tore straight into her, even before Ellie had a chance to take her coat off. “And what time do you call this?” Louise fumed. Ellie looked at her watch and sarcastically replied, “Time you were in bed old woman,” and began to giggle like a naughty school girl. Ellie hadn’t felt like this for fifteen years, but she knew there would be no way she would be getting punished in her own home by Louise. One of these ladies, who were both far too old to be getting spanked, was going to have to back down. Louise had no intention either of backing down and so a standoff loomed. Both women stood with their hands on their hips glaring at each other, both refusing to back down. Eventually Louise spoke. “Ellie, you told me you’d be home for eight, it’s now 10.30pm; do you not think I’ve a right to worry and be annoyed?” Ellie walked away and sat down on the sofa and began to take off her shoes. She looked at Louise and was nearly going to apologize, but something inside her made her stand her ground. “Lou, I know I said I’d be home early, I’m sorry you had to worry. But please understand I’m a fully grown lady and I didn’t think I would have to explain myself to anyone. I know you’re annoyed, but I’m not the little girl anymore.” Ellie finished taking off her shoes and rubbed her aching feet, then looked back up at Louise and carried on. “Why don’t I make us both a coffee? Really, I don’t want to have to fall out with you over this.” She then looked Louise in the eye and she could tell Louise wanted more than an apology and a coffee. “Ellie, you told me you would be in at a certain time, and you were late. As far as I’m concerned that is all that matters. You could have phoned to let me know, you could even have been home earlier. But No! You think you’re so Miss High & Mighty!! Well young lady, I think I need to bring you back down to earth. I don’t care how old you are, you are going to be punished for being late. That is all there is to it!” Ellie stood and walked over to Louie and placed her hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eye and spoke with a calm and measured tone. “Lou, you will not punish me for being late. I am not your little girl anymore. The last time you spanked me I was 25 and it forced me to leave home. This is becoming tiresome, just leave it, Please!” Ellie continued to look Louise in the eye to try and gain some idea of what was going through her mind. Was she serious about wanting to punish her? Louise’s facial expression gave nothing away as she stood stone faced. Ellie took her hands off Louise’s shoulders and walked away. “I’m off to bed Lou, sleep on it and it’ll all seem better in the morning.” And with that, she whisked herself off to bed, leaving Louise standing alone in the living room. When Ellie was in bed she remembered what Louise always said to Ellie to justify spanking and disciplining her, “While you live under my roof, you’ll abide by my rules,” and she smiled to herself. Maybe it’s time Louise got a taste of her own medicine. The following morning Ellie had left for work before Louise had woke up. Louise came into the kitchen to find a note from Ellie and was shocked to the core when she had read the contents. Louise was always the one in control and felt slightly humbled when she had to be taken in by Ellie, but had still considered herself the dominant one, the older one, the parent. But that would have to change. Louise knew she was over a barrel; she was almost broke and had no savings at all. She couldn’t afford a deposit on a flat and she definitely couldn’t afford to find the £650 per month to pay the rent. She read the note again, paying particular attention to the final part “While you’re under my roof, you’ll abide by my rules. And the rules involve spankings. Tonight you will be disciplined for your behaviour last night. I am the bread winner; I will teach you your role within the home. Things now will change and you will either accept the new rules or find somewhere else to live.” Louise was worried. Could she accept discipline from Ellie? She was nearly 60 for Christ sake! But as she made herself a coffee she sat down to mull things over. She was far from happy with the situation, but it could be much worse, thought Louise. At least she had a nice place to live and she got on with Ellie really well. As long as she stayed on the right side of Ellie, things would be okay....Wouldn’t they? When Ellie returned home from work she looked at Louise sitting on the sofa, Louise looked up, not knowing what to say, but Ellie soon sorted that. “Well, you’ve read my note then?” asked Ellie Louise nodded “
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Yeah, but Ellie, I’m sorry about yesterday. I just got worried, that’s all. Can’t we just move on?” Ellie smiled, but there was no warmth in her smile. Louise was now starting to worry was she really going to be spanked by Ellie? Surely not, Ellie wouldn’t spank her; she had just misinterpreted the note. She was a fully grown woman; fully grown women do not get spanked..... Do they? “Right then,” commanded Ellie “On your feet.” Louise stood up and looked at Ellie, she began to start worrying and fearing the worst, but Ellie was unyielding. “You’re behaviour last night was poor and shows you as an ungrateful brat! I took you in when you had nowhere to go and you repay my kindness by belittling me in my own home. How dare you! Things are going to change from this moment onwards. You will follow my strict rules and will be punished should you fail in any task I set you. Now, take off your clothes, you’ll not need them for a while” Louise was stood rooted to the spot. Fear overwhelmed her although she wanted to obey Ellie, for fear of what would happen, she just simply couldn’t move. She didn’t even see the open hand of Ellie as it smacked across her across her cheek. She felt it though and the jolt from the slap spurred her into action and she began to slowly undress. She took off her dress, her white lace knickers and her matching bra. She was naked, standing there in front of Ellie; she covered her shaven pussy with her hands. She wasn’t sure if it was the pain from the slap or the sheer embarrassment of her predicament but she felt her face blush a crimson red. She fought to hold back the tears, but knew she was not far away from sobbing. Ellie stood in front of the 60 year old and admired her body. She was good looking for her age, nice smooth legs and pert breasts. Ellie knew now she was fully in charge. “Hands on your head, turn around and let me see that backside of yours.” Louise placed her hands on her head and turned, relieved to avoid looking at Ellie. Ellie walked over and slapped the bare backside of Louise. Louise gasped and tried hard to keep her composure. Ellie spoke to Louise in a harsh tone “Right lady, from this moment on, this bottom belongs to me,” and as if to emphasise the point Ellie grabbed Louise’s right bottom cheek. “Is this understood lady?” Louise replied, “Yes Ellie, I understand.” Ellie slapped her bottom again this time even harder than before. “You will address me as Ma’am whilst you’re under punishment. I am in charge of everything you do, say and think” Ellie now spoke with more confidence and was beginning to feel excited about the power she exerted over this woman. “Yes Ma’am,” snivelled Louise who by now was sobbing uncontrollably. With that Ellie knew she was now in charge and she relished the prospect of disciplining her 60 year old stepmother. Ellie grabbed the back of Louise’s head and forced her towards the wall. “Tits and nose against the wall, keep them hands on your head. While you’re standing there, I going to make myself a coffee, I want you to think about the spanking that you are going to get from me. I want you to think of the “spankings” you’re going to get off me over the next few weeks!” Ellie left Louise to contemplate her fate, whilst she went to make herself a cup of coffee. Ellie took her time, drinking her coffee, reading through the daily paper and watching a bit of news on the TV. Every now and again she would look up and survey the sight of the naked lady standing facing the wall with her hands on her head, like a naughty little girl. Ellie smiled to herself, she wasn’t after revenge, as she was disciplined by Louise from an early age and didn’t think too much about it, even at 25. What Ellie now realised is, how incredibly sexy she felt, the power turned her on. She was getting far too excited and realised that she needed to stay dominant if she was to be taken seriously by Louise. She put her hands inside her knickers and played with her pussy, trying to stifle moans and groans. After about 30 minutes, which to Louise seemed like a lifetime, Ellie decided to have her fun. She stood up and took Louise by the ear and marched her over to the centre of the room. “Right girl, your behaviour has been appalling and I find your attempt bully me in my own home insulting. I am going to spank you now and then you are going to bed. This will be your routine for one week, at least. Should I find that the chores I set you during the day have not been complete or you are cheeky or rude, you will be punished for another week. This is not negotiable, understood?” “Yes Ma’am,” mumbled Louise. “What girl? Speak up!” barked Ellie. “Yes Ma’am,” repeated Louise, this time with a little more conviction “Right then girl, over my knee,” Ellie looked at Louise daring her defy her but Louise simply just placed herself over Ellie’s knee and closed her eyes and just wished that this would soon be over. The spanks reigned down one after another covering Louise’s entire bare bottom. They came at an unrelenting pace and must have lasted for only a few minutes but that was more than enough for Louise. She was screaming and wailing and beginning for forgiveness but the spankings still came down and were now starting to work the tops of her thighs. Eventually the spanking stopped and Louise worked hard on getting her breath back. As she lay there, across Ellie’s knee, she began to feel a little strange as she realised she was starting to enjoy herself. Ellie had put her hands between Louise’s legs and noticed that she was now wet, very wet. “You’re such a naughty girl; you’re getting far too excited for a punishment. Maybe I need to punish you further?” Ellie asked. Louise purred, “No Ma’am.” “Right then, bed time for naughty girls. Straight to bed and lights out. I do not want to hear you until the morning. Now stand up.” Louise did as commanded and stood before Ellie, not sure what she was to do with her hands, she put them back on her head. Ellie waved her hand away in a dismissive fashion and looked away from Louise and picked up her book and began reading. Louise realised that she was dismissed and turned to leave the room. As she reached the door she turned to Ellie and said, “Night Ma’am.” Ellie looked up and replied “Night girl, I’ll leave you your list of chores in the morning. I want you up at 6am to run my bath and start my breakfast. Then you’ll have my clothes to press.” Louise simply nodded and left the room and went to bed. 8.45 pm and she was being sent to bed with a stinging backside. Louise knew that that was not the worst of it; she was looking forward to and dreading the coming seven days in equal measure. Ellie watched Louise leave the room; she too was looking forward to the coming seven days.

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