Sex With A Man In The Park Who Doesn't Want To Fuck In Public

Sex With A Man In The Park Who Doesn't Want To Fuck In Public

Dorothy may have been confused about her sexual identity, not aware of the fact that she was bisexual, but there was no doubt that she enjoyed the amount of sex she was now getting! Since meeting Mistress Mombi, Dorothy had never had so much sex in her life!No longer did she have to satisfy her own needs and desires, she was getting them met and then some. Mistress was keeping Dorothy's near nymphomaniac sexual urges and needs met easily, and the young girl was delighting in every moment of it. Every chance she got to pleasure her Mistress or be pleasured by her, Dorothy cherished. And Mistress made sure that she got not only enough pussy but also enough cock to keep her young slave slut happy. Aside from the fact that Dorothy occasionally missed home, it was a perfect relationship!"I have a new toy, slut, and I want to try it out on you today," Mistress Mombi said one morning."Oooh, yes Mistress! Please, please use me with your toy!" Dorothy said, excitedly.Dorothy loved calling her Mistress and being "used" by her. Dorothy loved being her "slave slut" and her "pretty little whore". She felt a twinge of excitement between her legs. She thought of how Mistress lay on the bed, legs spread, arched back, mouth open, voicing incoherent exclamations while Dorothy's tongue snaked in and out. She also fondly remembered the times when Mistress pleasured her in return, either with her fingers, tongue, or however she pleased. Dorothy loved serving her Mistress and she always got so turned on by it.Before she could play, Dorothy knew she had to do some of her chores, at least. Mistress might let her get away with not finishing everything, but she had put in some kind of effort to show she wasn't just slacking off. Thoughts of playing with Mistress constantly intruded on her attempts to finish her work, however. Dorothy squeezed her legs together as her pussy got wet remembering all the fun times the she'd had in her Mistress's presence. As she worked, she had to keep bringing her concentration into focus and keep her mind from wandering.As soon as Dorothy finished the last of her daily chores, she was at Mistress's chamber door. Dorothy knocked softly, and when she heard the Mistress's voice telling her to come in, she entered.Mistress was laying on her bed in her favorite black leather corset. Mistress loved this corset because it made her look so regal and majestic. The corset featured a lace up back and hook front with removable half cups. In addition to her corset, the Mistress wore her thigh top black leather boots. She was laying there with her legs spread invitingly, yet not lewdly, and as she saw Dorothy, she licked her bright red lips and curled a red tipped finger in her direction."Come, my darling slut," she said in a low, lusty growl. Dorothy about wet herself right there in the doorway - her Mistress wanted to play! Dorothy came over and stood at the edge of the bed for a moment, taking in the sight of her beautiful Mistress. Then she climbed up on the bed and crawled seductively towards her.Mistress smiled as her little playmate came closer. Finally close enough that she could pull the girl into a deep sensuous kiss, Dorothy moaned into Mistress's mouth as it closed over her own and Mistress's hand found her small breast, tweaking the nipple playfully. Dorothy put her leg between her Mistress's and humped her leg, showing her she was already wet and what she wanted. "I will be right back, my sweet. Don't go anywhere," she said. Dorothy shook her head and Mistress got out of bed to go into the other room. Dorothy lay in the Mistress's huge bed with her hands by her sides eager to see the surprise her beloved Mistress had in store for her.Moments later, Mistress called out from around the corner "Are you ready, my little slut?""Oh yes! Please Mistress, please don't tease me any longer!" she said, almost breathless with anticipation.Mistress Mombi came around the corner and Dorothy squealed in delight."Oh my goodness, Mistress!" Dorothy exclaimed as Mistress giggled. "What did you do?""It's a strap-on. Now I can fuck you like a man does! And there a special treat with this one look!" she said, pointing out the scrotum-like pouch. "You fill it with liquid, or whatever, and squeeze it - that fills the rest of the thing." She grasped the flexible probe and showed the tip of it to Dorothy. "See, there's a little hole that the stuff comes out. When I go in all the way you and press against you, a little squirt will shoot out. If you want to empty the whole thing, you just squeeze the pouch. See?" Mistress gave the pouch a little squeeze and a thick, creamy liquid oozed from the tip of Mistress's cock, giving the appearance of a man cumming. Mistress giggled again and wiggled the cock sexily "It's yogurt! Isn't that sexy?""Oh God, that is sexy," Dorothy said, and went for closer look. She looked up at Mistress, "May I suck your cock?" she asked. Mistress put a hand on the back of her head and pushed her down to the phallus. Dorothy's tongue gingerly touched Mistress's cock tip, and she lightly licked. "Mmm... your cum tastes delicious, Mistress!" Dorothy moaned softly."Now, head down and ass up... I want to fuck you, my little whore! I want to cum in that tight little whore cunt!" Mistress said, pointing to the bed. Dorothy, with excited eyes, got into the position Mistress said, quickly arching her back to make her ass stick up higher."Reach between your legs and show me where you want my cock!" Mistress growled. Dorothy reached between her wide-spread legs and pulled the lips of her wet, slick pussy apart, showing Mistress her pink tunnel."That's a good girl, spread it for me, pussy girl. Do it NOW," Mistress said.Dorothy moaned as Mistress rubbed the tip of her 'cock' around Dorothy's eager hole. Then she pointed the tip at her entrance and slowly pushed forward, eliciting an even louder moan."Yes, my little slut," Mistress growled lustily, "Open up and take it." She pumped slowly while Dorothy got accustomed to its length. When she was opened and ready Mistress began to fuck her hard and fast using every inch of the large plastic cock. "Oh, Mistress! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me please!" Dorothy pleaded."Oh, I'm gonna fuck you, all right. I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before. Fuck you with my hard cock! No, STOP! You're not allowed to touch yourself!" Mistress said menacingly."Oh, please? Please? I need it," Dorothy whimpered."That pussy of yours is MINE, got it? Mine for me to use. You just sit there and hold it open for me. There you go. That's it. Oooh, look, it's twitching. It looks hungry," Mistress said. She was right. The girl's pussy lips were pursing in and out. She wasn't even bucking her hips or anything, she was just throbbing.The Mistress continued on "Do you like the way I'm fucking you with my cock? Take a good look between your legs at my cock going into your little pussy," Mistress growled.Dorothy squirmed, writhing and moaning under the Mistress as she felt the invader deep inside her womb. Mistress fucked her little slut's pussy until Dorothy cried out her impending orgasm."Oh God Mistress! I'm cumming! Please please let me cum! Ohhh!"Mistress smiled and shoved the cock deeper than ever, squeezing the yogurt-filled sac as she did, and "cumming" along with her. Dorothy squealed as she felt the yogurt filling her. It wasn't scalding hot like a man's cum would be, but the feeling was close enough to send her into orbit!Then Mistress slowly pulled the plastic cock out. The fake phallus was coated with a creamy mixture of the yogurt and Dorothy's feminine juices. The translucent cream oozed from Dorothy's vaginal opening; some of it was on her brown pubic hair. Dorothy stared at the probe for a moment, as Mistress unfastened the harness. Then she got between Dorothy's legs and fervently sucked on her womanhood. Dorothy wordlessly and exuberantly voiced her pleasure through her second amazing climax.Dorothy panted, "Oh, Mistress, that felt so wonderful!""Mmmm, yes. Now go refill the strap-on and do me with it!" Mistress told her.Dorothy giggled, and got up. A few moments later she returned with the harness secured on her hips and the cock sticking out lewdly. Mistress was laying on the bed with her legs spread in anticipation. As Dorothy got between her legs, Mistress slightly raised her hips. Her cunt creamed with her juices.Dorothy easily slid the phallus in as Mistress moaned. Then she lay prone on top of Mistress and with a wide-eyed smile, she pumped with long, thorough strokes. Her arousal whetted after a moment, she gritted her teeth and pumped harder. Mistress, her mouth wide open, gave a loud "AHH!" with each thrust.Dorothy pumped and pumped, and did not stop until her hips ached and she had drained the instrument's reservoir of cream. Then she lay on top of Mistress, her 'cock' still inside, occasionally wiggling.After a few kisses, Mistress said, "Okay, slut, get between my legs and start licking up all your cream!"Dorothy withdrew, knelt between Mistress's legs and removed her harness and probe. Then she got down and grasped her lover's smooth thighs and gave oral attentions to her pussy. Slowly at first, she lapped up the mixture of yogurt and Mistress's own cream. After getting all the external creaminess cleaned, she applied her whole mouth to Mistress's pussy and licked and sucked her through another raging climax.Meanwhile the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion were getting close to the Witch's castle. While the Mistress and Dorothy were busy fucking and sucking, the three rescuers approached the castle cautiously. They got to the front door of the castle and found it securely locked. With no other doors readily seen, they had to look for another way in. They found a small window high up on the wall that was open."If I climb on you and Lion climbs on me, we should be able to reach that window. Lion is small enough that she can get in and then unlock the door for you and I," Scarecrow said to Tin Man. So with a plan in place to get in, they went about it and sure enough, they were just able to get Lion inside and she went to open the front door.They moved carefully through the castle, looking for Dorothy and also looking for the Witch's Book of Spells and her Magic Wand. The castle was dim and very spooky and Lion's knees were shaking. She cowered behind the other two who were scared enough themselves. They knew if they were found out then the whole rescue would be ruined. They HAD to find the Book of Spells and Magic Wand to curb her powers!Finally in their searching, they came across the Witch'
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s study and there on a small book stand sat the Witch's Book of Spells with her Magic Wand set in the crease in the middle! They grabbed it up knowing now that they didn't have quite as much to fear, although the Witch was still an intimidating threat. They concentrated their search now on finding their dear friend Dorothy, hoping they weren't too late already.The three rescuers continued their search coming upon the cell where Dorothy slept at night. "Look, this cell has a bed that has just recently been slept in!" Tin Man said. "Dorothy must be here someplace!" This spurred them on and gave them hope that they would find their friend. Then they heard soft moaning from another room. Frightened but needing to see what was making the noise, they crept closer. Scarecrow peeked carefully around the corner and saw Dorothy laying on the Mistress's bed moaning."Oh it's awful! Dorothy is laying on the bed moaning terribly! The Witch must have her in some kind of wicked spell!" Scarecrow said."Did you see the Witch?" Tin Man asked. Scarecrow took another peek around the doorway. "No, she isn't in the room.""Let's get Dorothy and get out of here then!" Tin Man said. The three stepped into the room and Dorothy sat up shocked to see her friends."W-What are you guys doing here!" Dorothy whispered loudly."We are here to rescue you from the Wicked Witch!" Scarecrow said."You guys shouldn't have come here! If she catches you in here she will be furious!" Dorothy said. It was then that she realized she was still naked and quickly pulled the sheet up around her."We have been looking for you since you left. We went on to the Crystal Castle and the Master told us what happened to you and where you were. Now we are here to take you back so you can go home!" Scarecrow said.The rescuers helped Dorothy from the bed and they found something of the Mistress's she could wear. Just as they were about to leave the bedroom, Mistress Mombi came back in ready to play some more."WHAT IS THIS?!" she cried out. "Who are you and how DARE you enter my castle uninvited!" she screamed. The Mistress that Dorothy had known and come to be fond of changed immediately to the terrible Witch that she had first known. She tried to summon her Book of Spells and Magic Wand only to discover they the intruders had it.Quick as a wink, Tin Man threw a blanket over the Witch and with the belt from a handy robe, they tied her arms down. Then they grabbed a couple belts from the closet and secured her legs and arms some more.Finally, with her secured and the blanket covering her, they felt she could do no harm to them. Tin Man picked up the Witch and put her over his shoulder. Scarecrow and Lion meanwhile helped Dorothy despite her pleas to let the Witch go."Please, let her go - she's not the Witch you think she is! She has been good to me! Please listen to me!" Dorothy pleaded. But the three rescuers just thought that Dorothy was under some sort of spell and dismissed her pleas.They began the long, arduous journey back to the Crystal Castle with Dorothy,the Witch, and the book of Spells and Magic Wand that the Master had requested. It took them a couple days longer to get back to the Crystal City than it did getting to the Witch's castle, due to the fact they had to carry the Witch, but the group finally made it. They were ushered straight to the Crystal Castle and to the Master, because no one wanted to face an angry Witch!Now in the great hall, they came up to the Master. "Oh, Master, we have fulfilled your request and we have brought the Wicked Witch's Book of Spells and Magic Wand. We have also brought you the Witch herself for you to deal with as you see fit. Now please grant us our requests," Tin Man said."Very good. And what were your requests again?" the Master asked."I wish to have a brain so that I may think and not be seen as an idiot," Scarecrow said."I wish to have a heart, that I might feel love and empathy for others," Tin Man said."I wish to have courage, so that I might not live in fear always," said Lion."I wish to go home to Kansas, Master, and I wish for the Mistress - the one you all think of as a Witch, be allowed to go free. She really is not wicked, she is only misunderstood and wrongly feared," Dorothy said."What do you mean, Dorothy?" the Master asked. "I mean that the Mistress has been treating me very well. She cares for me and feeds me and she has been wonderful. Yes, she took me from my friends, but once she had me back at the Castle, we talked and she understood I was not trying to harm her. She is just lonely and has no one to talk to. She thinks everyone is out to get her, so she has become wary and afraid of everyone," Dorothy explained.The Master thought for a moment. "I want everyone to leave the great hall except for Dorothy here. Leave us to discuss things!" he said. Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion took the Witch and waited outside. When the doors to the great hall were closed, the Master spoke, "Come closer, Dorothy."Dorothy approached the Master's throne, climbing the steps to his platform. "Now that everyone is gone you can speak freely without any interference or guidance. Is what you said true, my dear?" the Master asked."Yes it is, Sir. It is true that the Mistress - or Witch - took me from my friends. But she didn't know what our purpose was. We weren't going to see her at all. In fact, we were trying to avoid her out of fear. We were just trying to come here to talk to you, Sir. But she has been alone and been persecuted and feared for so long that she has become fearful of anything unusual and since I am not from this land, she was afraid of me.Once she realized that I was not a threat, she and I got to be good friends and she took excellent care of me. She is not evil, only lonely. If others would come to visit her, they might see her as I do, as a nice lady who just wants to be friends with people. Please let her go, she only uses her witchcraft when she feels threatened. She has never used it on me," Dorothy said."Hmm," he said, thinking over what she had said."Very well, on your recommendation I shall allow her to go free. But if she is the kind lady you say she is, she will not need her Book of Spells or Magic Wand again. I shall keep those as insurance," he declared. "Now bring the rest of your band in."Dorothy opened the doors and let everyone back in. They all approached the Master's throne again."Scarecrow, You wish for a brain, correct?" the Master asked."Yes Sir," he replied."Tell me then, was it you who came up with the idea of sending Lion here through the window to open the door to the Witch's house and let you and Tin Man in then devised the plan on how to capture the Witch?""Yes Sir," Scarecrow admitted."Such ingenuity is the mark of someone with a great brain, my simple friend. You had this brain all along, you just didn't know how to out it to use until now!""Oh, thank you Sir. I shall use it to help people from now on!" Scarecrow said happily."Tin Man, you have asked for a heart, correct?" the Master asked. Tin Man stepped up "Yes Sir," he said. "Well from what I have seen, you were so concerned about your friends. that you came along on this adventure to see what you could do to help, despite the dangers and hardships. That is what a man with a big heart would do. Your care and concern shows me that you have one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen," the Master said."Gee, thank you Sir. I promise to care for everyone I see," Tin Man said."Lion, you want courage do you not?" he asked. But Lion was still hiding behind Scarecrow and Dorothy. "Lion, come here." Lion slowly comes out from behind them. "You wish courage do you not?" the Master repeats."Y-Yes S-Sir," she says softly."Shy little Emily, your willingness to risk your own safety and put your life at risk to help your friends shows more courage than you can know. You didn't run from the challenge, but instead faced it head on without fear. Courage my little friend, is something you have in great abundance. You are the bravest soul I know," the Master said."Really? I have courage?" she asked."You have pounds and pounds of courage Lion. You are the King of Beasts," the Master said."Now for the Witch - or the Mistress - whichever it is. Dorothy here has told me more about you and I have learned that you are not what you first appear as. She has told me also that you have taken good care of her and treated her well. It is her suggestion and by her words that I now set you free.You are permitted to return to your home and I will see to it that you are not left to be a lonely woman in the castle anymore. I shall spread the word to all parts of the land that you are not a witch and that you wish to be friends with people again," the Master said."But what of my Book of Spells and Magic Wand?" she asked. "Are they to be returned to me?"Mombi, you are not a witch therefore you have no use for such things. I shall keep them here safe and secure so they do not fall in anyone else's hands, lest they try to use them for ill," he said."Very well. Thank you Sir, you are most kind," Mombi said."Now finally to you, Dorothy. You wish to return home, do you not?" the Master asked."Yes Sir," Dorothy said."Well unfortunately, my dear, I do not know how to return you. I do not know where this Kansas lies or how to get you back there. I am not even sure how you came to this land. I am truly very sorry, but yours is a wish I cannot grant," he said."Oh no! What will happen to me?" Dorothy said. She fell to the floor sobbing. All three of her friends hung their heads. "There, there, Dorothy it will be all right. You can stay here with us if you like," Scarecrow said."Master, may I be permitted to speak?" Mombi asked."Yes, what is it?" he said."Well, while Dorothy here was with me we were having a wonderful time. I was enjoying having her in my castle and I believe she enjoyed it, too. If it would be all right with her, I would really like to have her come stay with me permanently," Mombi said."Really? You want me to stay with you permanently? Oh Mistress! Yes! Yes! Oh, thank you! I would love that more than anything!" Dorothy said excitedly."Well then, it is settled. No longer will you be known as the Wicked Witch, but you will now be Mistress Mombi and Dorothy will go to stay with you so you are no longer lonely. Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow can come by and visit you both whenever they wish. So be it!" Master commanded.The group left the Master and the Crystal Castle happy that they were all together and they all lived as the best of friends for the rest of their lives.~ The End ~  

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