Sex With Two Tattooed Goodies Having Sex With The Same Man

Sex With Two Tattooed Goodies Having Sex With The Same Man

This all happened a few years ago, and sometimes I still am amazed that all happened. While I had been experienced with sex, even kinky types of sex, when this happened I was quite shocked, although the shock was of course pleasant...But I am getting ahead of myself. I guess I should give an introduction to myself. I am a middle-class, suburban guy with a boring job. Sexually, I am pretty 21st century standards. I've done some adventurous stuff, but a typical weekend of mine is more likely to involve golf than sex. I am in my 40s now, and I was in my late 30s when this all happened.A neighbor family moved in, and they were good neighbors. Apparently, it turned out, they were quite religious and conservative. Now, according to common knowledge, that should make them idiots and villains, but they were nice people. It was a man and a woman, and there daughter, who was apparently the baby of the family. When they moved in, she was still in high school, and apparently was setting some type of record for community involvement. Now, to give away a bit of the surprise, this young woman would be the one who I would later have experiences with...but I didn't notice her at the time. It was in her senior year of high school that I first had the thought of her sexually cross my mind. It happened after I had broken my ankle, and was confined to my bed for a week. It turned out that she wanted to be a nurse, and was going away to college to become one in the fall, and that she wanted to practice on me. Well, I certainly needed the help, so I said yes.Angela was petite, barely 5'2", and slender. She had long auburn red hair, and wore conservative but well cut dresses. She talked in a soft voice and was eager to please. She would come over in the afternoons when she got out of school, and take away some of the dishes that had accumulated, and bring me more food. She would only stay for a while before she had to run off to yet another volunteer or community service project. Being bed ridden and bored, having a young shapely woman glide around me was certainly a fun distraction. I found myself following her as her hips sashayed across the floor, and when she would bend over, my eyes couldn't help but look at her alabaster cleavage. I felt a little guilty undressing an 18 year old girl with my eyes, but I figured that since I didn't have much else to do, I was allowed to entertain myself this way. During these times, she also explained a little bit of her philosophy to me. She believed that it was her duty to serve and help others (which I couldn't really disagree with) and that a woman should obey men (which didn't jibe with my 21st century ideas, but I couldn't really complain because I was being helped by her). After I got better, and she went away to college, the whole thing seemed just a pleasant memory. I have to admit that her face and body popped up (more than) a few times in my fantasies, but I didn't take it seriously.I didn't really see her until the summer after that, after her freshwoman year in college. She had come back home for the summer. She knocked on my door one day and explained that she needed a summer job to pay for school. She looked much like she had when I known her, although she seemed a bit more sexy in her dressing. I knew that her family had money, but she said that she felt she had to work as much as possible. She seemed so earnest about it, and being a bad housekeeper, I agreed. And that is how I got a 20 year old woman to be my maid. We picked up where we left off. She was incredibly hard working, and my house was quickly spotless and then some. I also enjoyed watching her, and felt less guilty about it now... at least she was more than half my age! She also talked about nursing school, and she was, predictably, on top of everything. She was smart and hardworking, and was one of the best in her class. I also talked more about her philosophy, and tried not to argue, since it seemed to be working so well for her. But it was a chance comment that finally sparked the sexual side of our relationship.One day I had made a chance remark that my freezer needed to be cleaned out, not thinking she would take it as a request. When I came back, though, my freezer was deiced and cleared of all the gunk that had been stuck in it, and she was standing by it, looking disheveled but proud. "Well, thank you, Angela" I said "but you didn't need to do that!""You made a request, I obeyed" she said simply, following me into my living room. "You know, might get in trouble going around and telling men you will obey whatever they suggest." I blurted it out, although it was mean to say to such a (seemingly) innocent girl. "Oh, I do have my limits... I am going to remain chaste until marriage.""So... as long as it isn't sexual, you will do whatever I order?"She nodded.It was a crazy thing to say, but I said "Kneel before me".And she quickly dropped down to her knees, looking up at me with no look of discomfort on her face. Of course, telling a girl to kneel was hardly non-sexual. We stared at each other, and I just said "you have proved your point." And she went home.Until next time. The next time she was over, she again cleaned and straightened with amazing efficiency, while I sat at my desk, working on some paperwork. I watched her out of the corner of my eye. At the end of her cleaning, she came up to me and asked "Is there anything else you want me to do?" Honestly, I had obviously been fantasizing since the last time she was over, and so I responded, again on impulse: "Kn
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eel in front of me.", and she quickly did so. I held out my left hand, and asked her to kiss it...and she did, and the feeling of her young soft lips brushing against my hand was exquisite. "That is still chaste?" I asked.She stopped kissing for a moment, and answered: "Kissing your hand is chaste." and she continued to kiss, I laid back, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation. And then she left, and I engaged in much masturbation. And afterwards, some curiosity. Where was this going?Next time she came over, she hugged me close in a way that was only chaste on technical points, and then set about to work, and giving me a greater than usual amount of flashes of her thighs and cleavage. And once again, once she had finished, she asked me if she could do anything, and once again she kneeled and kissed my hand, with more fervor. Her silky smooth hair brushed against my arm. Some type of sanity reasserted itself..."Dear...this is uh, causing some...discomfort on my part". She looked up at me, and then looked over at my pants, which were sticking up. She smiled. "I am in nursing school, you know. I am aware of how the male body works." then she giggled and said "But if you are feeling discomfort, you can do something about it." I swallowed hard. "But what about your chastity...?" "I wouldn't be doing anything, just kissing your hand obediently."I was totally off my guard, but I was also full of lust, so I unzipped myself, grasped my penis, and begin to masturbate. It took me less than a minute before a thick stream of sperm rushed out and hit the floor. She looked at it, and smiled, and went to get a napkin to clean it up. She kneeled over while doing so, giving me my first full glimpse of her panties, which were predictably angelically white. And then she left.The next time she came over, she wasn't even all the way through the door before I grabbed her and started to grope her. Or tried to grope her...she once again reminded me that she was a chaste girl, and that I could touch her legs and stomach and back, but not her breasts or between her legs. I followed her around as she worked, like an overeager puppy, trailing my hands over the allowed areas. Finally, her cleaning was finished, and we were in my bedroom."Take off your dress" I ordered. She did, and laid down on my bed. She was wearing a little pair of white panties, but her B-cup breasts didn't have a bra. Her pale coral nipples were hard. My cock was out, and I was stroking it, moving on the bed to straddle her. She looked in my face and said. "Don't get any on me. That would be unchaste." Looking at her innocent face, panting with lust, while her fingers traveled over her nipples, I was once again going to come quickly. When I did, it hit the pillow next to her face, and she moved her fingers to scoop it up...and then she licked her fingers clean.You might have been thinking what I was is an odd definition of chastity that prevented her from kissing me, but let her swallow my sperm. But I really wasn't in the mood to argue technicalities. I was hypnotized. Seeing this young wisp of a girl happily lick my sperm off her lips made me hard again quickly, and I ended up masturbating again, with the second load landing on my sheets, and her rubbing it over her cute little breasts.This became our pattern over the next couple weeks, with no word of explanation given. After a while, she ended up reaching down between her legs and playing with herself as I played with myself, and when she finally came, I was surprised at the guttural scream that came out of her small, soft-spoken frame. Surprisingly enough, during all of this, I never really tried to break her rules. To this day, I wonder what would have happened if I had. But suffice to say, in its own way, it was much more erotic than anything else I had experienced. On her final day "cleaning my house" before she was gone for the summer, we went a little further than we had before. She straddled me as I masturbated, and her lips got very close to mine...without ever actually kissing. And she gave up her soft-spoken, polite ways to murmur some dirty words in my ear, which was in a way even more erotic than having her young body gyrate over me. She also "accidentally" let her panty-covered pussy come down and brush against my hard cock, with my head pushing against her labia through the fabric. Finally, I came, with my sperm spattering her panties. I laid back, exhausted and satiated, and she slipped out of her undergarments, wet with both of our juices. "A souvenir" she said, handing them to me. This was also the first (and only) time that I would see her cute, trim pussy, the labia barely sticking out, all covered by a light coating of red hair. "I hope I can use your name for a reference" in the future, she said, slipping back into her dress."Of course..." was all I could reply, dreamily.And although that wasn't the last I saw of her...we were still neighbors, and she would come back for other summers, although not to work for me...that was the last I would see of that side of her. Although I was familiar with the term, I didn't really connect what had gone on that summer to the concept of "Topping from the Bottom". I was too mesmerized by the sexuality of her, and by the weird inversion of her personality, to take count of what was happening while it was going on. Not, of course, that I can complain. The last thing I heard, she is a nurse, and marrying a Doctor. I either feel sorry for him, or think he is the most lucky man ever. I do hope that she lets him kiss her!

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