Porn With Hungarian Women Who Have Pirs In Tongue And Lip Xxx

Porn With Hungarian Women Who Have Pirs In Tongue And Lip Xxx

As they lay there, still under the spell of the night before Nic and Anna hadn't noticed that Mark had let himself in.They had slept naked but Nicole had gotten up to make an early cup of tea so had put on her bra and panties and then gone back to bed and just lay there listening to Anna sleep and drifting in and out of blissful sensual sleep herself. She slowly went into a deep restful sleep and started to dream. She was dreaming about shaving herself and Anna and how nice it would be to have Mark do it for them.She had always kept herself very neat and tidy especially since Mark was so good at taking care of her down there with his gifted tongue and mouth. He had certainly stoked her imagination and had done things to her that caused such a distraction on such a regular basis that she found herself constantly wet and usually with a couple of fingers in her pussy. The latest, which blew her away, was how she masturbated the other night (thinking about Mark and what a thrill she got when he touched her) with two hands... legs spread unbelievably wide, her sex gushing and one hand working her clit while the other delved into the gorgeous glistening folds of her pussy.The dream took her to a room… a large room filled with scents, candles, soft music and a large bath, almost like a Roman bath, with enough room for her and a few others. This was good.In the large mirror, she pulled her panties to the side. The sparse light hair just barely visible. It covered her mound in dark little ringlets. She pulled her panties down and off and turned her arse to the mirror to admire the sensitive hairless area that so loved having Mark bury his tongue in.That is when she noticed in a far corner of this erotically charged room, there in the shadows was a figure that she could not mistake. It was Mark... and there lying luxuriously in the warm water of the tub was Anna. Nicole slipped out of what remained of her underwear and dressed in a silk lavender robe, watching herself. She went languidly to the tub, stood there staring at Anna and dropped her robe to the floor. She loved the feeling of being so exposed especially knowing that it created such an indescribable feeling of lust and want in her lover’s eyes.Before she entered the tub she retrieved from a small side stand, a washcloth, razor and shaving gel, scissors, and a hand held mirror.Anna just lay there not saying a word and a sudden soft noise in the corner brought her back to Mark's presence. Looking over, Nicole noticed, just barely, that Mark was naked and was slowly rubbing his cock. He was another that had taken to the feeling of being shaved. She wanted that cock. The steam was filling the air around her, the mists floating heavily, fogging the mirror. The anticipation of what was to come was building up. Her pussy involuntarily spasming and her thighs were trembling.In her dream she couldn't help but think what a dirty little girl she was, doing this so openly with Mark and Anna watching her knowing that the feelings in them are also building at an alarming rate.She positioned herself on the side of the tub, feet dipping into the warmth.Once in the tub, her thighs fell apart and Anna's eyes immediately went to Nicole's pussy. Running her hand over her mound and whirling the soft hairs, tugging here and there, tangling them in her fingertips, she picked up the scissors, pulling forward a tiny clump. She snipped and let the hair fall into the tub water. Again, like spun silk, the tiny clumps of hair drop into the water. Trimming as close as she could get until she was satisfied with the look... Anna was now writhing uncontrollably in the water, fingering herself and rubbing her swollen clit.She loved the look and was excited to see pinker flesh and glistening wet between the folds of skin. She couldn’t help but slip a finger into her slit, bringing that delicious wetness up to her lips, tasting herself.Next, she took the wet washcloth, placing it over her mound. The temperature immediately made her nipples stiffen and the urge to pee washed over her. She faced Anna, making her watch her every move knowing that it would drive her crazy and also noticed that mark had moved closer to the tub, still with cock in hand to watch also. A little gel in her hand, lathering between her palms, she gently applied it to the damp flesh, rubbing in small circles until she was covered completely with the soapy foam.She felt so naughty doing this. She could feel herself breathing harder. Picking up the razor in her trembling fingers, pulling her skin taut...With the first pass of the blade over her tender flesh, Nicole was distracted by a noise coming from the other side of the large tub.Looking out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Mark was now on the edge of the tub facing her with Anna between his legs facing her also. Mark had reached down over Anna’s shoulders and was slowly and sensuously rubbing Anna’s large breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen under his touch. They didn't think she was watching, so caught up they were in watching her and feeling each other. Mark’s hard cock was rubbing itself between Anna’s shoulders and it wouldn’t be long before he was going to have to bury it somewhere inside Anna. Nicole allowed them this voyeuristic moment and her exhibitionist side was rather enjoying performing for them.Smiling to herself, she took another swipe with the blade. Hair coming cleanly off in one motion.What filthy thoughts were going through their minds as they watched her? Would they like a better view?Still pretending she didn't know they were there, she could see them looking at her, and now Anna had turned slightly and was giving Mark a gorgeous oiled hand job
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with one hand and had the little finger of her other hand pushing into his arse. She smiled to herself knowing exactly what to do next.She was done with the shaving and proceeded to clean herself up. Leaning backwards, she wrung the hot water out of the cloth and over her pussy lips, washing away and then wiping, the last soapy foam off her tender flesh.So now, freshly clean and pretty she continued to slowly and teasingly masturbate. Her hands traced the delicate curves of her body, leaving a trail of goose bumps. She loved the fact that they were watching her. Purring like a kitten, she wanted them to hear her, as her hands palmed her breasts, plucking at her nipples, bringing one up to her lips to bite so gently, just enough to make her gasp a bit. She wanted to please all three of them.Sliding her right hand down her stomach, her hips arched involuntarily. Her fingers parting her fleshy folds of glistening pink. Her middle finger circled her clit, engorged and aching to be sucked. The labia so slick with the desirous sheen of moisture that coated her, making her want to explore further.Nicole caught Anna and Mark off guard as she swung her leg up and over the tub and turned and looked straight at them. Straddling the tub, leaning forward, her pussy pressed against the soft towel on the edge, she looked at them both with a look that just screamed… ”fuck me.” They were surprised and realised that they couldn’t back out now. Her body called to them, rubbing back and forth, riding the tub edge.Now, Mark, had Anna standing and bending over, exposing her dripping wet sex and was pushing his now painfully swollen cock into her.Nicole moved towards them and kissed Anna deeply before bending underneath her to take one hard nipple at a time into her hungry mouth. Mark was slamming himself into Anna as if trying to crawl inside, in a frenzy of pulling Anna back by her hips and him thrusting forward as hard as he could...he was incredibly deep in her.Nicole made her way around to where the action was, kissed Mark like she had never done before and reached her hand down between Anna’s gorgeous arse and Marks stomach and teasingly pulled his hard cock from her pussy. Anna protested raucously, but Nicole stopped that with a sharp slap to her left arse cheek. She knew how much Anna loved a good spanking, almost as much as she did. With cock in hand, Nicole plunged her mouth down on to Mark’s hard cock and tasted Anna’s juices mixed with the scented bath water and Mark’s own intoxicating scent… fuck, she was in heaven.Now, holding his cock with one hand she ran her other up and down the backs of his thighs, using her nails so gently, causing his entire body to quiver. Almost involuntarily he parted them allowing her better access to his hanging, tight balls. She loved licking them, lips sucking gently on each in turn. Her hand now running up and down the crack of his arse and she could feel it relaxing, welcoming the possibilities.Her hot breath was all over his belly and groin, nipping towards his cock. Her tongue darted from between her lips, just circling the head once, twice. Slipping over the full length of his cock, up and down the shaft, tongue firm and experienced, from the base up to the tip and circling again. Opening her mouth, taking him in slowly, inch by inch and all the while, Anna, who was still in a well elevated state of arousal, was rubbing her pussy on the edge of the bath as Nic had done watching the sexual events unfold before her.Mark couldn't take his eyes off Nicole as his body gave over to the sensations. Fully in her mouth now, her throat opened to accept him entirely. Moving back and forth, up and down, slowly backing off and catching her breath. But Mark wanted the rhythm to increase and he gave her no choice.Nicole encouraged Mark to take her by her long hair…she knew he loved its length and silkiness. He grabbed it and wrapped it around his fists. He pulled it hard and showed her exactly how he wanted to be sucked. He moved her head around so he could watch her face in ecstasy. He watched her... moaning over his cock now, the vibrations washing over him. He pulled her hair harder, harder...He was close now, she could feel it and she wanted him too, she wanted them both, over and over again. She wanted to taste that hot cum as his cock erupted. She wanted to feel it hit in spurts against the back of her throat. She wanted to taste its saltiness and lick her lips with its stickiness.She wanted to feel him pulse and jerk, cum all over her tits, if that's what wanted, fuck he could get her to absolutely anything at the moment, on her face? Maybe…She never wanted this to end…she was so close to cumming, they all were. The sounds of sex and wetness and moaning filled every corner of this heavenly room, the sensations were indescribableThat’s when she woke out of quite possibly the most powerful erotic dream she had ever had. When she had gained full consciousness, still with her eyes closed, she noticed that she was no longer wearing anything and that she had managed to get four fingers into her pussy and had that ever familiar tingle in her arse. The wet spot on the bed made her think that she had peed, but the smell made her think otherwise and recognised that all too familiar fragrance of her own pussy.When she finally opened her eyes to a gentle beam of sunlight peering through a slightly parted curtain, the silhouettes of two familiar people came into her field of vision. She realised that it was Mark and Anna, both naked, teasing each other’s pleasure places and smiling at her with big beautiful smiles, each gently stroking her with their other hand… This was going to be a great day.

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